Imagination is a universe without borders, this quote describes the attitude towards life of Jonaske de Ruiter (1959). She lives and works as an artist in the Netherlands, in Tilburg.
From childhood on she was focussed on playing with creativity and music. She wanted to bring beautiful things into life; she wanted to let people go into raptures with her music. But life takes its own stream and dreams sometimes come true in a different way. After years of working as a pedagogue in the care for mentally handicapped people she found her creativity in painting. Her life took an irreversible turn when she decided to give her soul the nutrition she needed: The creation of beautiful things. Her musical talents turned into another expression and hearing-language became pictorial-language.

The paintings of Jonaske are lyric abstract. From pure intuition and association she comes to powerful and poetic pictures with strong emotional en sensual tension. She is diverse in the use of the sizes of her art and the use of materials. In whichever size she works, there is always a closing balance in the frame chosen.
The paintings are striking by their bright, expressionistic colours. Also different tensions are visible: Order and chaos, light and dark, resurrection and vulnerability, harshness and sensuality.

Jonaske calls her paintings inner landscapes. She creates intimate worlds on canvas to discover new adventures. Vulnerability of mankind, traces of borders and memories. Who are you and where are you? Jonaske translates all these questions into unique paintings.


With big strikes the table is to be cleaned and all old details are wiped out. Or in the words of the Danish painter Per Kirkeby:



Wanderung auf dem Eis

Wunderbarer Nebel der nördlichen Regionen

Der grosse Strich Über alle Details Wischt die Tafel rein

Zur unendlichen Klarheit.